The Grand Performance

Welcome to the home page of my campaign setting The Broken Continent. So far the only updates being made are going to be to the Wiki. Everything on the wiki will be deemed “Common Knowledge”.


Since the beginning of time on the Broken Continent, war, suffering and death have all been common place. Races and Nations fight in never ending wars to unite the people’s under one banner, or exterminate them. For a brief period in history a race succeeded, now known as the Ancient Elves. They put together an empire through thought, imagination, magic and wonder. One of their greatest Champions known as Lintra, “He of the Wind”, had a lone child named Lantra. Lintra sat on the highest council regarded as the bastion of free thought in a free empire, and disregarded the slow movements of Lantra. For reasons unknown Lantra held a silent grudge, a secret hatred, he plunged into the demonic arts, they sought to control him put him to their rules in their game. What the demons didn’t count on was that Lantra did not play anyone’s rules, he bound the worst forces in hell and set off an explosion that destroyed the heartland of the Ancient Elves. He was chased off by Lintra from entirely wiping out their race, but Lantra did not die. Lantra is continuously coming back into the world, playing a game of cat and mouse, destroyer and savior with Lintra. The entire continent broke apart, each forming hundreds of small kingdoms, and plunged back into never ending war. War was sometimes fueled by the racism of it’s king, or on the principles of freedom and knowledge but no matter what Lintra and Lantra were pulling strings, as if all the wars of the Hundreds were nothing more than a game. Lintra tried ever desperately to put an end to his son’s madness and as the centuries went on and the hundreds became few, but the wars never ended. The Order of the Clouds, founded by Lintra is his elite troops and investigators ever seeking to foil the demonic plots of Lantra and work tirelessly amidst the back drop of a thousand year war to bring peace and justice, especially to Lantra.

Grand Performance