Grand Performance

First Session

Day one and two:


Ithpil the Elven Ranger comes to Tel Varrar, in search of his sister who was stolen away by slavers. Upon reaching Tel Varrar, he too is captured by another group of slavers and muggers known as the Black Crows.

Kelderan, a native of Tel Varrar, sell sword and drunk, wakes up from his latest hang over and week of bad gambling debts and decides to go to his old contacts for work, the Red Knives. He is given a task to poke around Crow’s new front, a burned out whorehouse.

Chuchnar coming from the lands of Illos after serving in their Sky Navy, he comes to Tel Varrar to drink and gamble away his bad memories. He finds him self waking up in a gutter, to big to fuck with but definitely much poorer than when he started his drinking and gambling in the Golden Steps two nights prior. After wandering he bumps into Kelderan out side of the whorehouse.

The Start…

Chucnar watches in amusment as the little man fights, however being the only living person still on the street at that the time he is drawn into the brawl that erupts from inside the whorehouse. During the brawl Ithpill joins the fight, firing arrows from his cage. Once the thugs are defeated, the three run from pursuing guards with an unknown woman, who turns out to be poisoned by the Fish Cult and turns into one of their minions savagely attacking the party. They defeat her, but decide to leave the waterfront district heading to the Broken Drum inn, where after a night of hefty drinking the party meet an Agent of the Cloud named Aramis, who tells them they are doused with a pheromone that allows the fish cult to track them. The Party then decides to set a trap for their pursuers, in an attempt to cut them off their trail.

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