Illos: The Steam Nation; Famed for their inventors and use of the steam engine the Illos have mastered wonders such as the Airship, using magic and crude technology they were able to turn a small duchy build upon a floating island into a major power that now holds the largest kingdom on the continent.

The Broken Lands: The site of the Ancient Elves’ home, now a desolate demonic plane, is still inhabited by the Tieflings who have recently re captured their capital city on the coast from the Demons and despite trepidations at first trade has prospered from their craftsmanship and access to rare minerals that are by products of the demonic blast a thousand years ago. Though they are rather safe from invasion because they are locked in a never ending struggle for survival with the demons that still roam the land.

The Northlands: The northern tip of the continent, inhabited the Norse Men who carve livings out of rock and iron. They sail the sea in swift ships and raid the other nations, however the raids all go to pay for their warriors amongst themselves. Their nation is divided by the Jarl’s who push their power and fight each other’s clans in large naval battles. The Northlands have never been conquered.

Cornica: The land to the south of the The Broken lands is a place of vast plains and dense forests, many people make their home there Including the humans of the coast who swear fealty to their king, the Elves of the wood, those who fled the broken lands and returned to their naturalist roots, and the Goliaths of the Mountains who fight only for the honor of their clan.

Venetia: A large collection of republics and duchies who loosely associate with each other. They are often changing hands and large alliances are formed and broken everyday in Venetia, but when threatened by an outside power they often band together defeat the invaders and brake apart as soon as the invasion is over.

Essex: The Kingdom of Essex is large kingdom south of Illos, they are controlled massively by their Church of Dali, and are home to many religious Zealots. They have been at war with Illos for over 200 years. And believe themselves to be the last line of defense against their onslaught.

Descrotia: The home of the Ancient Lizardmen Empire that fell to the Old Empire, It is very much a land of savage jungles and large swamps. The Kingdom of Descrotia is made up of large coastal trading cities dealing in rich goods native only to their jungles, but most of the Kingdom is uninhabited.

Haven Peak: The last bastion of the Eladrin, A small mountain city maintained by the elder’s it is still in the same splendor the day it was built.

Tel Varrar: The Las Vegas of the world, the Island nations of Tel Varrar lie south of Descrotia, and is a very rich island nation of traders, who offer some of the greatest Artifice in the world and are also know for the fact that city is a gambling center where every vice is offered. Tel Varrar is ruled by it’s Merchant King.


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