Dragonborn: When the nation of Illos challenged the dragons, the dragonborn became foot soldiers in the war. During the last battle when the majority of the dragons where defeated and many airships crashed into the ground the Dragonborn became a part of the Illos. They now serve as shock troopers in their battles. The City of the Dragonborn is called the Graveyard, because it is crafted using the bones of the dead dragons and husks of the Airships that fell.

Dwarves: Dwarves live in sheltered mountain fortress and keep to themselves for the most part. They are highly skilled craftsmen and miners. However if you make your way into a Dwarven Grudge Book you can expect a Dwarven warrior to come knock down your door to try and kill you.

Elves: When the Old Empire shattered these folk returned to the forests, in the more naturalistic way of living.

Eladrin: The high elves, living in the ways of the old empire from Haven Peak. They are very in tune to the ways of magic and want nothing more than seclusion.

Tieflings: After many centuries of living in the [[Broken Lands] they have been transformed to look more like their demon counter part. Some live in Tribes on the desolate land and wage a never ending war against the demons, while some of them recaptured the Gleaming City on the coast and have begun taking a part in world politics, while still holding their broken battlements.

Goliaths: They live in mountain homes like the dwarves, but on a much smaller scale, and fight each other in pitched battles for glory.

Humans: The majority of the world’s population and kingdoms, they are stout warriors and very political. They can be very clever and very greedy.

Gnomes: The inventors of the Steam Engine that fueled the victories and conquests of the Illos Empire. They are directly responsible for the Sky Navy, and are very clever and in tune with magic.

Halflings: The halflings have integrated into human society for survival. They have been chased out of their happy shires and easy living now most work as thieves or traders.

Orcs: The raiders who constantly move their camps and pillage by land. The life of an Orc is often short as their raiding tribes are often discovered and killed off. But still they live, still they reproduce and sometimes are even successful.


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